The Most Beautiful Golf Courses in UK

One of the most developed and a toured region of the world is United Kingdom. The Region is well known for its quality life and tourist destinations. Another point of fame which many people do not know about United Kingdom is some of its beautiful and oldest golf courses. These golf courses were designed by some of the best designers of the world. The main point of beauty about these golf courses is their beautiful surroundings.

Beautiful Golf Courses around UK:


There is a long list of such beautiful Golf courses and naturally all of these courses cannot be discussed here. However to give an idea to our readers we will be discussing some of these golf courses along with their brief description. The list of these attractive golf courses is as follows

  1. Muirfield Golf Course: The fame of this Golf course has spread in every nook and corner of United Kingdom. This famous Golf course is known for hosting 11 championships (Amateur) and 16 open championships as well. The beautiful course is spread at a land of 117-acre and stone walls of length 7245 yards surround the course. The ninth hole is considered the most challenging while playing golf here. The scenic beauty consisting of clear open skies along with rolling green hills are the main hallmarks of the Muirfield Golf Course.


  1. Ballyliffin Golf Club: Consisting of two championship courses this beautiful Golf club is located in Ireland. The backdrop of Atlantic Ocean makes the scenery in this golf course amazing. The scenic beauty of the course further gets enhanced by the lush green grass and clear blue skies. Moreover the natural terrain also serves as an icing on the cake.
  2. Royal Portrush: The golf course was designed by Harry Colt. The main hallmarks of the golf club are its quality playing field, simplicity and more importantly beauty. The shortest hole in the course is the 14th one which is designed in such a way that it is played uphill. The natural surrounding created in the golf club makes it one of the most beautiful places in UK. Playing wise it’s a pretty challenging and tough Golf course.
  3. Old course: Located in Scotland the old course is one of the best to play golf in. The course is known as the birthplace of Golf. Playing golf for beginner can be difficult here due to the complex field and it is highly recommended that one should attend a golf school before coming here in Old course. The course has the privilege of hosting the highest number of open and opens championships as compared to many other well-known courses of the world.

If you are planning your next tour to UK then apart from visiting the well-known tourist destinations and sights, do take some time out from your busy schedule to visit these beautiful and well developed golf clubs as well. Visiting these clubs will be a nice and unique experience for you.



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