Oldest Golf Clubs In Scotland

Golfing is more than a game, it is a tradition. This tradition has been passed on to later generations for many centuries. Scotland is one of the oldest countries in the world and it has been home to some of the greatest golfers the world has ever seen. Scotland is also home to some of the oldest golf courses, some of which are almost 3 centuries old. There is very less history about golfing and when it started in Scotland, however the closest historians have got to is 1435 when King James II banned the sport. The game was perhaps being played long before that year but it was mentioned in history that year. Here you will find some of the oldest golf clubs in Scotland.

Royal Burgess Golf Society- 1735


The Royal Burgess Golf Society is located in Edinburgh and dates back to 1735, it is almost 281 years old and is still counting. The foundation date recorded in the Edinburgh Almanac from 1834 onwards, however, The Royal Burgess Golf Society is mentioned in earlier Almanacs but it is not dated. This date makes the Royal Burgess Golf Society the oldest golf society in Scotland.

Honorable Company Of Edinburgh Golfers- 1744

A committee of the Gentlemen Golfers of Edinburgh drafter the 13 rules of golf so that they could compete for a silver golf club, this was done in 1744. This makes the Honorable Company of Edinburgh one of the oldest golf clubs in Scotland. The silver golf club has great importance in the sport and this was inspired by the fact that the city used to gift a silver arrow to the Royal Company of Archers in 1709.

Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews- 1754


St. Andrews is sometimes known as the home of golf and this is because shepherds used to knock stones into rabbit holes. In the year 1754 twenty-two Noblemen and Gentlemen contributed to a silver club to be played over the Links of St. Andrews annually. The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews was founded in the year 1754 and this makes the club one the oldest one.

Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society- 1761

The Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society is located in Edinburgh and dates back to the year 1761, this makes the Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society almost 255 years old. It is therefore one of the oldest golfing society that you can find in Scotland. If you really love golf then you should definitely visit this society as you can learn many new things about the game.

Glasgow Golf Club-1787


The Glasgow Golf Club was not documented and officially instituted till 1787 when it played for a silver club. However, there are references to this club in a poem that dates back to 1721. The Glasgow Golf Club is without any doubt one of the best and one of the oldest gold clubs in the area.

These were few of the oldest golf clubs that you can find in Scotland. There are many more clubs in this list but this article can only cover this many. If you need more information on these clubs or more then you can easily find it on the web.

If you haven’t had a chance to read all the posts I’ve written, you’re in luck – here’s a quick overview of what I’ve covered. Naturally any place that’s about a century old (in some cases more) would have a lot of rich history and equally interesting stories to tell.

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