Longest Golf Courses in UK

An excellent stress relieving activity or exercise is playing Golf, the nature of the sport itself and the environment within which it is played has a nice impact on the mind of an individual. There are many benefits associated with playing golf ranging from physical nourishment to mental fitness and an entire article can be written explaining the advantages of playing Golf.

For UK Citizens: An insight


As a citizen of UK you are one of those lucky people who have plenty of golf playing facilities available. At the moment there are more than 100 golf clubs or courses available all over UK. Of course these golf courses differ in terms of their facilities and services. Similarly there is a difference in the size and dimensions of these golf courses as well with some golf clubs which are considered as large or longer while many others fall under the category of small and medium as well.

Golf Courses: Longest in United Kingdom


In this particular article we will be discussing some of the longest golf courses that are available in United Kingdom. There are many such golf courses established all over UK. Some of these golf courses are as follows

  1. East Course: Located in Dalmahoy the east course was established in the year 1927. Recently the golf course went through a redevelopment phase. The redevelopment resulted in an expenditure of £1,000,000. After the redevelopment the yardages have become tough for long hitters. The facilities in this golf course are excellent with high quality putting surfaces. The golf course is considered one of the largest in UK.
  2. Championship Course: The championship course is famous all over England due to its length and toughness. The course provides a tough challenge for both the professionals as well as amateurs. The amenities in the golf course are up to the mark with quality surface of 7663 yards. Ideally the Golf Course is more suitable for professionals and may not be feasible for beginners.
  3. Wales National Course: The wales national course is located in the famous vale resort. The golf course is relatively new and due to its excellent facilities and playing surface, it is considered one of the best all over UK.  The golf course is a challenging one measuring 7413 yards starting from the back trees. The hallmark of the golf course is that it consists of the longest hole as far as golf courses in wales are concerned. This longest hole comes early in the round.

These were some of the longest Golf courses which you can find in United Kingdom. Keeping the length of this article into consideration we have given a brief description about these golf courses. If you want to know more about these clubs then there is plenty of information which you can also get from the internet. Apart from these three mentioned golf courses there are many other such golf courses as well in UK which fall under the category of being the “Longest”.

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