Golf Clubs You Should Be Part Of In England

If you are stressed out due to the tough demands of your life then do not take this thing in a non-serious way. Not treating your stress properly and not giving this issue any hindrance can result in dire consequences for your health both physically and mentally. Especially if you are a citizen of a developed country like England where facilities are excellent you should start doing some sort of an activity which decreases your stress level. There are many things you can do in this regard such as a walk in a park, jogging and going to Gym etc. however a thing which can really give you some exceptional and positive result is playing Golf.

Why Golf:


Not only amateurs but also many professional sports personnel related to other sports like soccer and cricket etc. also play golf just to relax themselves. Some unique advantages of playing golf are as follows

  • Playing golf will help you in maintaining your fitness
  • Golf has a positive impact on your endurance and muscle tone
  • The sport can serve as a good source of weight loss
  • The sports involves physical activity hence it reduces your stress level without much of an effort



Though all the above mentioned advantages of playing golf are very much their however it should be kept in mind that these advantages can only be gained by you if you choose a golf course which is well facilitated and which is developed according to the international standards. Finding such a golf course can be difficult for a person who does not know much. Hence to make things easier for you we are mentioning some of the golf courses which are reputable and where playing golf can serve as a nice experience for you.

These golf clubs are

  1. Royal Birkdale Golf Club:

Located in the well maintained and developed region of Merseyside, the Royal Birkdale Golf Club is an ideal place for you to play golf at. The golf course had the honor of hosting Open championship which gives one an idea about the facilities here. The course consists of a thick and high rough which makes scoring a little tough here.

  1. Sunningdale Golf Club:

Located in the charming region of surrey, the Sunningdale Golf Club is a place where you can get value satisfaction at its absolute zenith. The golf course consists of beautiful pine trees and is home to inland layouts which are considered to be the best all over Britain. The facilities in the course are excellent and as a member you would not get dissatisfied over here.

  1. Royal St George’s Golf Club:

Situated in Kent the golf course consists of memorable links and a design which is very interesting. The golf course has been designed in such a way that it gets security through the wispy grass as sometimes big hitters’ damage it. Overall the course is well facilitated and is an ideal for a person like you.


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