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Why you like play golf?

Golf is a decent and competitive sport that everyone just loves to play; the peace of green grounds, the pleasant and long lasting effect it leashes on our health. As I am a big fan of golf and I am quiet professional at playing golf so I love to roam here and there to play golf. It is so soothing for me to play that whenever I freak out of something my only escape is to play golf and literally it makes me feel so better that I can’t express that. Apart from this, golf is a very healthy game; this is what I used to hear from my father when I was a kid and I used to visit golf clubs with him on weekends and this used to be my weekend trip. Honestly, golf has taught me so much. It is a healthy sport and this does not demand any other reason from me to like golf.

What do you think makes up a best golf club?

Few of the things that I keep in mind before paying for a subscription for golf club include the fact that the golf club should have great course, large in size, and beautiful in its own way. Secondly, golf club that value your money and do not charge quiet much and offer yearly subscriptions that can be very reasonable in terms of discounted prices. The clubs that offer golf to be played almost every day which means that if you have a yearly subscription then you can play golf all year round while if you have a monthly subscription then playing golf for all month won’t be a problem. Also, that golf club which organize competitions every now and then to keep it more interesting; sometimes midweek competitions whereas sometimes weekend competitions. Golf club that is paired up with club houses and catering facilities to complete your overall golf experience and enhance it to the fullest will add to the best golf club. Last but not the least, the golf club that has partnerships with other golf courses so that if you are at a vacation of far from home you won’t have to miss the fun and you can carry out such fun at your vacation too.

What kind of information you will be providing in this site?

I want to provide you with some of the best golf clubs across UK, like inform you about those clubs that are considered best in all terms; some of the most beautiful golf clubs to enjoy yourselves. The clubs that have so much to offer that you would not bore out yourselves and you can be fully satisfied with the kind of services available as well as procurement of some solid opportunities for competitions. So this site can be the one place to find all the information about best golf clubs.


So here’s a list of amazing golf clubs that any golfer – amateur or professional – should definitely visit. These aren’t just highly rated in the United Kingdom, but also in the world! Whether you’re trying to convince someone to go on vacation with you to any of these glorious greens or just to learn a little history, read up on these before you go!

5 things you didn’t know about the Royal St. George’s Golf Club


Question: Is there a dress code enforced?

Answer: Yes, after 11:00 AM, men and women are expected to adhere to certain dress codes.


Question: Who were the famous & royal club captains back in the day?

Answer: The Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VIII (1902) and famous golf writer Bernard Darwin (1952).


Question: Who named the golf club?

Answer: Dr. William Laidlaw Purves named the club after the English saint, St George.


5 interesting facts about the Royal Birkdale Golf Club


Question: When was the club officially given royal status?

Answer: On November 11, 1951, the King of England granted the club royal status.


Question: What happened to the 1940 Open Championship?

Answer: It was cancelled due to the Second World War.


Question: How many times have the US won the men’s championship at the club?

Answer: 5 out of the 9.


5 facts about the Woodhall Spa Golf Club


Question: How many times was the club asked to move?

Answer: The club had to move twice since it was established.


Question: What does club do for the environment?

Answer: They’ve teamed up with ‘Natural England’ to preserve wildlife at the golf course.


Question: Who owns the club today?

Answer: The English Golf Union.


5 Things you didn’t know about the Royal Liverpool Golf Club


Question: Who granted the club the “Royal” status?

Answer: The Duke of Connaught, one of Queen Victoria’s younger sons.


Question: What’s the significance with Tiger Woods?

Answer: Tiger Woods won his third Open Championship at the club.


4 things you didn’t know about the Notts Golf Club


Question: What is the club commonly referred to as?

Answer: Either Notts or Hollinwell, depending on who is asked.


Question: Which memorable tournaments have taken place at the club?

Answer: The Brabazon Trophy and the British Boys Championships.


4 things you didn’t know about the Hunstanton Golf Club


Question: Who were the famed female golfers who won their matches at the club?

Answer: Cecil Leitch and Joyce Wethered.


Question: What famous tournament was held there in July 2016?

Answer: The Carris Trophy Championship.


Question: Which Amateur Championships have been held at the club?

Answer: The British Ladies Amateur Golf, The English Amateur, the British Ladies Amateur Golf and the Boys Amateur Championship.


4 things you didn’t know about the Royal Cromer Golf Club


Question: Who was the first patron of the club?

Answer: King Edward VII.


Question: How did the club help its members during the World Wars?

Answer: The Club President decided to waive the annual rent.


Question: What is the club’s main feature?

Answer: It’s located on a clifftop.


4 things you didn’t know about the Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club


Question: What happens at the club every year in May?

Answer: A tournament is held for the Lytham Trophy.


Question: Who is the course mostly suited for?

Answer: Professional or golfers who carefully plan their swings.