Best Golf Courses in England

Golf is a very popular sport worldwide and is being played by many. Though professional golf is a different ask altogether many people play it just for fun. Playing golf can serve as a stress releasing exercise especially if you are a person who has a tough job schedule. Unlike other sports golf requires a proper surrounding and an area which can only be found in a proper and standardized golf club.

England and Golf Clubs:


The trend of golf is very much there in England as well and for this purpose there are many golf courses established all over England. If you are a person who is tired of your tough life schedule then perhaps the best solution for you is to get membership in one of these golf courses. However it is highly recommended that you should not make any decision in haste rather before you apply for the membership carefully see the facilities yourself and see whether the golf club is worth paying for or not.

The second option for you is to go for reputability and by reputability we mean that you should simply apply for the membership of a golf club which is already very famous in the market and whose facilities are known to be excellent. This option is good but it does not give you the chance to compare different golf clubs. There are high chances that if you go for analysis yourself you may come up with a golf club where facilities are also up to the standard and membership fee is also affordable.

Best Golf Courses:mj-618_348_best-golf-in-nyc

England is a very developed country and the local administration here has done a lot to cater the needs of the citizens. One major need of the citizens is recreation and for this purpose the government in England has encouraged the establishment of many well maintained golf courses. There are at the moment more than 100 golf courses or clubs currently existing in England. Though not all those clubs can be mentioned here we will just name a few selected ones here. The list goes as follows

  1. Royal Birkdale ( located in Merseyside)
  2. Sunningdale ( located in surrey)
  3. Royal Liverpool (located in merseyside)
  4. Formby(located in Lancashire)
  5. St Enodoc (located in cornwall)
  6. Hankley Common(located in surrey)
  7. Hillside (located in Lancashire)
  8. Swinley Forest (located in Berkshire)
  9. Rye (located in Sussex)
  10. Notts Hollinwell (located in Nottinghamshire)
  11. Hunstanton (located in Norfolk)
  12. Woking (Located in Surrey)


The above mentioned golf courses are renowned for their wonderful facilities and surroundings. Playing golf in these clubs will serve as a memorable experience for you. Thankfully we live in the age of internet nowadays due to which information is at our fingertips. You can always make use of the internet and visit the websites of the above mentioned golf courses. Visiting the websites and searching more about these clubs will give you a much better insight.


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