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Golf Clubs You Would Love To Attend in UK

Hi there! So you are a fan of golf? Well, it is the kind and sort of sport that deserves every bit of it. Golf is a decent and competitive sport that everyone just loves to play; the peace of green grounds, the pleasant and long lasting effect it leashes on our health. The golf clubs have the great courses, each beautiful in their own ways. Secondly, golf clubs value for your money and do not charge quiet much because they have yearly subscriptions that can be very reasonable in terms of discounted prices. These clubs offer golf to be played almost every day which means that if you have a yearly subscription then you can play golf all year round while if you have a monthly subscription then playing golf for all month won’t be a problem. Also, golf clubs organize competitions every now and then to keep it more interesting; sometimes midweek competitions whereas sometimes weekend competitions. Golf clubs are often paired up with club houses and catering facilities to complete your overall golf experience and enhance it to the fullest. Last but not the least, mostly the golf clubs have partnerships with other golf courses so that if you are at a vacation of far from home you won’t have to miss the fun and you can carry out such fun at your vacation too.

Well, that was too much about golf clubs, the question is where to find these golf clubs. No offence though, but these are easily found every here or there, but finding the correct one and most appropriate one is a tough decision. You have to go for a club whose charges won’t be meeting the sky as well as they will be providing some of the best services in the vicinity. As I am a big fan of golf and I am quiet professional at playing golf so I love to roam here and there to play golf. It is so soothing for me to play that whenever I freak out of something my only escape is to play golf and literally it makes me feel so better that I can’t express that. Apart from this, golf is a very healthy game; this is what I used to hear from my father when I was a kid and I used to visit golf clubs with him on weekends and this used to be my weekend trip. Honestly, golf has taught me so much. So, I love golf a lot.

My aim is to provide you with some of the best golf clubs, like inform you about those clubs that are considered best in all terms; some of the most beautiful golf clubs to enjoy yourselves that have so much to offer that you would not bore out and will be fully satisfied with the kind of services available paired with solid opportunities for competitions. I want this site to be your one spot if you love playing golf and would be able to find all sorts of information that can lead you to the best golf clubs in United Kingdom.

If you haven’t had a chance to read all the posts I’ve written, you’re in luck – here’s a quick overview of what I’ve covered. Naturally any place that’s about a century old (in some cases more) would have a lot of rich history and equally interesting stories to tell. The eight Golf Clubs covered in this blog are nothing short of either of these and their stories and history grow even more the more time passes. If you’re an avid golfer, some names mentioned throughout these blogs may ring bells, but if you’re fairly new to the world of golfing, then you’ve got a lot to learn! Yes, the esteemed Tiger Woods is mentioned, but there are other amazing golfers out there aside from him!


While I must admit that I myself would fall into the amateur category, I will admit that I’ve learned quite a lot in my research of these Clubs. My favorite would have to be the amateur who kept on sinking the ball in the same hole three times in a row – now that’s beyond luck for sure! I also like how some of the Golf Clubs I’ve written about have the words ‘Royal’ in their names and that’s because members of the royal family have bestowed the prestigious title. If that in itself isn’t enough to brag about, I don’t know what is!


The posts are meant to inspire both professional and amateur golfers alike to check out these places. The United Kingdom is home to amazing golf clubs with a variety of attractive features to lure visitors from around the world. Whether it be a setting among nature with wildlife in the background or playing from a clifftop, there’s something for everyone. If nothing else, soak up on these facts so that the next you’re chatting with your friends about golf, you can contribute more than just talking about Tiger Woods.


Past, present and future members of these clubs take a lot of pride in representing their respective greens. For some, it’s not only a place to hit golf balls, but it usually stems back generations from when their ancestors were one of the first founding members. It’s easy to see how young kids these days get into the sport and quickly graduate from Amateur status to Professional. It’s almost like their destiny to follow in the family footsteps, to win trophies and aspire to be as great as the generations who played before them.


The places I’ve written about are also part of the coveted list of 100 Top Golf Clubs in the United Kingdom. Who would’ve guessed that there were more than a hundred golf courses in just one area? You’ll come to find that many, if not all of these date back to at least the late 1800s or early 1900s and though some changes may have been made from when they first established, a lot have largely stayed the same. Make sure to check these places out! If not for the unforgettable experiences, then definitely the stunning and unique settings in which they’re all located.